We Can Help You

Probate and trust administration is not for the uninitiated. In fact, you may have found yourself in this position unexpectedly.

To figure out your next steps, turn to us here at McIntyre & Smith in Bedford. We put more than three decades to work on every matter we handle.

Getting It Done Right

The laws and tax consequences that apply to proper probate and trust administration can be onerous. Seeing an estate through probate also involves significant rules and complicated processes. Handling these matters on your own involves exposing yourself to considerable legal risk should you not observe those legal requirements

Our attorney already understands all of those requirements. When you put us to work on your probate or trust administration matter, we can hit the ground running. We also have the experienced legal judgment that can identify and proactively address issues before they become problems.

Our lawyer's approach includes helping you address the many peculiarities and changes in Indiana law regarding these matters. For instance, even though Indiana has no inheritance tax, you must still observe requirements regarding the passing on of property if you wish to see assets pass through as the decedent intended. Those technical processes apply even if one is simply wishing to pass on a house.

Protect The Wishes Of The Decedent

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