Caring For Your Loved Ones Now And In The Future

Worrying about your loved one's future can be addressed with our assistance. At McIntyre & Smith in Bedford, Indiana, our lawyers have helped parents provide for the needs of their special needs children today and tomorrow.

How We Can Help You

Our attorney regularly works with clients who want to provide for their children but do not know what steps to take next. If you are worried about where to turn, turn to us.

We ourselves are members of the Bedford, Indiana, community. For more than 30 years, we have helped people throughout the area make plans regarding deeply personal circumstances.

Our years of experience provide us with the seasoned legal judgment you need to address circumstances that deviate from the norm or involve unique considerations. We know how to craft solutions wisely even in the face of changing situations and uncertain laws — as can so often be the case here in Indiana.

We can do the same for you. Our office can help you determine if a special needs trust will address your child's legal circumstances.

A special needs trust can be used to help provide for children, old and young, who are disabled or who become disabled and cannot reasonably provide for themselves. We structure the special needs trust while also safeguarding your child's eligibility for government benefits, an important consideration that worries many parents.

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We invite you to contact us online to schedule your initial consultation with us. You can also reach us by calling 812-329-2556.