Knowing Your Rights Is Half The Battle

You should not have to worry about matters being handled properly when it comes to estate issues. At McIntyre & Smith, we regularly assist clients needing estate litigation representation.

As a matter of fact, we are one of the few firms here in Bedford, Indiana, that handles these kinds of cases. As a result, our lawyer has the unique legal experience you need to handle your own estate litigation needs. That experience comes with the seasoned legal judgment that can advise you wisely even when circumstances are unusual or the law on a given point is unclear.

A Unique Area Of Legal Practice

You can rely on us to assist you with all of your estate litigation needs. We represent clients dealing, for instance, with:

  • Proper distribution of assets
  • Trustee issues
  • Beneficiary needs
  • Trusts

Estate litigation involves its own set of rules, processes and even deadlines. Those unique features demand quick turnaround and even faster preparation.

We already know how to handle those matters even in an accelerated process. Because we have been dealing with those issues for more than three decades, we well understand how to build effective estate litigation cases no matter which side we are on. We also know how to help you understand your options and choose from them intelligently.

Further, we assist you by having your attorney work with you directly. Our hallmark level of personalized service means we get to understand your unique circumstances. We draw on that knowledge to provide you with legal representation tailored to your particular goals and legal needs.

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